Summer 2012

Saunders 2nd floor addition, Smoot, wy

The original structure was a mining shack that was constructed in the 1920s. An addition was completed during the 1940s and the main house was built in 2007. The Saunders wanted to maximize their living space by adding a second floor over the original structures. After checking the original structures for stability, we engineered a roof design with three dormers.The new second floor created 800 ft.² of living space, resulting in four rooms. The completed project has the appearance that the entire house was built at the same time. 

Fall 2012 - Summer 2013

knudsen Deck / RV garage project, Star valley Ranch, wy

The initial planning was to construct retaining walls and complete the existing deck to be continuous around the home. As the project evolved, the new deck was enlarged to 1455 ft.² with an embedded hot tub covered by a shed roof, an embedded fire pit and a dual action water feature. The project expanded to include the construction of a 900 ft.² subterranean RV garage and 128 ft.² storage room in the trusses. The project was completed to match the existing home and coordinated with well-respected local sub-contractors. 


HC 62 Box 7094, Star valley ranch, wy 83127